Joi with an eye

Joi belongs to that rare group
of people who still believe in humanity.


Both  in  business  and  in  her  private  life  Joi works with  a  variety  of  people  to help them firstly identify then effectively use  their  power, especially  encouraging  them to polish  their  internal magnet and  work  with the  law of attraction . It is difficult to transcribe exactly what Joi does as a lot  of  what she does how she works has to  be experienced. 

Her workshops are  informative, fun,  motivational,  inspiring  and  contain  knowledge that  will  last a  lifetime . when  not  facilitating  workshops , Joi spends  the majority  of her  time  supporting  wherever  she can. She can  be  found  supporting  a variety  of  community  projects from essay  contest  to  arts.  Over  the  years  a range  of  organizations  that include the  UN in  New  York,  hotels  in  Jamaica, central  and  local  governments  have  used  her  talents. 

People  who have been close to  Joi  have  said  that they  now  work  with  their  power  more than  they  did  before,  whilst  encouraging other  around  them  to  do  the  same.  Others have commented  that  having  experienced  Joi,  she has  been  one  of the  best  gifts  they  have given  to  themselves  feeling  low  or things  are not going according  to  plan,  they  remember  snippets  from  Joi and  its  not long before  they  find  themselves  back on  the  right  path 

What people say about Joi

“Wherever you are on your journey Traveling With Self offers you practical skills, affirmations, spiritual exercises and creative ideas to gently guide, inspire and support you to be all you desire and more…and destined to be…. A true visionary, the author Joi (With An Eye) offers you her All…”

Ntathu Yoga Teacher

Travelling With Self is an extraordinary odyssey on the lessons to be learned from everyday life. The book takes the reader on an adventure of self-discovery while looking at our potential to tap into unlimited inner Joy – hence the interpretation of her name Joi “with an eye”. Joi’s easy writing style and presentation gives the reader a pot-pourri of unforgettable wisdom pearls for use in harmonising our physical and metaphysical (spiritual) existence. A unique piece of work and highly recommended.

Jak Beula Creator of Nubian Jak

“Joi takes you through a scenic route of self discovery with glimpses of untold beauty, she selects a chain of life challenging experiences and events which unveils the secrets-of-life, right before your very eyes. It’s a real awakening of your TRUE INNER SELF (or Higher Power). Your journey ends with enlightened knowledge to enable you to take full control of your life without limitations, fears or excuses… knowing that you have the ‘Will Power’ to Choose, Create and Determine your own Destiny. Undoubtedly the best trip of your life, Traveling With Self’s reveals who you really are and how to become your own Master”.

Dounne Alexander MBE

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