About Merkaba

Merkaba is a community-led organization created to assist the black community achieve their potential. With all the societal issues affecting different communities, Merkaba is that hub for the black community, bringing different persons with common interest together to work on programs and projects that will not only get to the forefront the plethora of issues people from African decent are going through but also provide workable solutions to address them.

Though Merkaba is specific about working with communities from African decent, Merkaba also provides a safe space for inter cultural dialogues and inclusion. Without our multi cultural inclusion and dialogue solutions to joint problems will yield no fruits.

About JOI

Both  in  business  and  in  her  private  life  Joi works with  a  variety  of  people  to help them firstly identify then effectively use  their  power, especially  encouraging  them to polish  their  internal magnet and  work  with the  law of attraction . It is difficult to transcribe exactly what Joi does as a lot  of  what she does how she works has to  be experienced. 

Oxford Canal Map


When registering for the Unity Line, please look at the map closely. Each color on the map shows areas where you can join or participate the event from. 

If you will want to volunteer to make this event a success check the volunteer page.

On the registration form choose one color as you register. 

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